The Adventures of Feta


Date Posted: November 18th, 2017, 9:24 pm

Author Notes

TAOF is slowing down, aaaa..
But for a good reason! My life is changing for the better, and I'm making a new comic to put up on SJ! One full of love, friendship, flowers, and magic!
(...Well, its not really new, I've worked on the idea for a few years now...)

So, just so you know, if anyone still reads TAOF, even if the comic slows down and takes a bit to update because of my life and my job, I'm still here and I check on smackjeeves every day!


OOO SWEET im really excited for that!!! best of wishes for ur new comic and your life stuff also im still OVERENTHUSIASTIC about feta i audibly yell whenever it updates omg but yeah i understand when comic making slows down and i am Living it rn with my own stuff, anynya GOOD LUCK!!!

> wear a sock on one of your horns
> wear a sock on your other horn, too, to establish class-fixification as a harlequin